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Zionic Eclipse 2 Almost Completed!

2008-09-27 07:26:55 by DutchinLive

ZE 2 is almost in the bag, worked bloody hard on it too, hoping I pick up more interest in the series, and that people will enjoy to see an original Sci-fi story on Newgrounds, a genre which I believe is lacking (Parodies don't count). :)

Working out some kinks, putting the finishing touches on some things, and chugging away at sounds.
If it's not out by November, send the ambulance around to my place, because I'll be dead.


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2008-10-02 17:53:02


Can't wait :D

Just in time for my birthday as well.


2008-10-10 10:49:53

Took you long enough (just kidding)
Hope the second is as good as the first!

P.S. Try entering the first in the treasure hunt. It might get more views and it was good enough to deserve more recognition. :)


2008-10-11 19:22:17

Woot, the first one was amazing! can't wait to see how this one turns out.


2008-11-11 17:03:55

Please tell me you are not dead!

Too many bad things have happened this week already


2008-12-01 15:59:12


Are you dead, cuz that would suck.

lol its december, hurry it up, you should be almost done!!!


2009-01-02 16:06:51

hey son, hurry it up. i wanna see this.


2009-05-23 14:49:39

RIP DutchinLive, for it seems you have long left this world and that your series will never again see the light of day.

DutchinLive responds:

I'm so sorry, lol. I got a girlfriend and yeah, things went downhill from there. But I told her 'THIS IS SPARTAAAAA' and kicked her ass out the door, I promise I'll make you proud.