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4.23 and a front page, I'm impressed with myself!

2009-09-24 03:56:10 by DutchinLive

So I'm back from my little stay-away job at work, and I've come back to find M.O.T.O.R with not only a score of 4.23, but also on the front page with 130 reviews! I'm really happy about that, and just generally relieved that everyone didn't hate it.

It's good and bad to see such an awesome lineup for madness day, as I'm sure I would have fared better in '07, but it brings about more knowledge to the general public about the flash community and how awesome we can be as independent artists.

Congratulations to all the winners, you've deserved it, so much hard work and so many hours spent on making pretty little movies, I raise a beer to you all. And one to Krinkels, for having the idea of making little stylish side scrolling murder-fests in the first place!

Easter eggs found so far -

Wall sign: Traitor Be Damned
Madness guy floating outside the window
'Made Somewhere in Nevada' Stamped on wing of Mandalorian fighter
Scene of mandalorian taking cigarette.
Improbability Option on elavator.
Depredation station.

And finally...

Na'hk is an anagram for Hank!

There's still more, guys!


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2009-09-24 04:36:17

Seriously some crappy shits also got 4.2 scores. There is nothing new. I just feel sorry for the overlooked animations which had more efforts and skills.


2009-09-24 09:26:58

I dont know what SuperSuper is trying to get it... but you did a great job with the movie. I was hooked from beginning to end.

I hope we wont have to wait til Madness Day 2010 for another one of your masterpiece's

DutchinLive responds:

You will have to wait till then for a sequel, but i think i'll be making a 'masterpiece' along the same lines soon enough!


2009-09-24 20:29:01

it was a good movie even tho im not a fan of star wars but good job and also one easter egg i found is that the ship he flies in it says "made somewhere in nevada" well just saying good movie overall


2009-09-25 02:28:22

I thought an obvious refrence was the cruiser was called Depredation, which makes me think you like Madness 5. But I think you should be impressed. Not many people get front page.

DutchinLive responds:

See, nobody mentioned that in the reviews I read!


2009-09-25 02:32:17

And I also realized that there are references on each screen in the station.

DutchinLive responds:

Yes, yes there are :D


2010-04-17 14:46:47

i know a movie everyone would die laughing



2010-10-15 00:40:45

I hope you make another and try to make a series about Kotor. This one was really well done.


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