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4.23 and a front page, I'm impressed with myself!

2009-09-24 03:56:10 by DutchinLive

So I'm back from my little stay-away job at work, and I've come back to find M.O.T.O.R with not only a score of 4.23, but also on the front page with 130 reviews! I'm really happy about that, and just generally relieved that everyone didn't hate it.

It's good and bad to see such an awesome lineup for madness day, as I'm sure I would have fared better in '07, but it brings about more knowledge to the general public about the flash community and how awesome we can be as independent artists.

Congratulations to all the winners, you've deserved it, so much hard work and so many hours spent on making pretty little movies, I raise a beer to you all. And one to Krinkels, for having the idea of making little stylish side scrolling murder-fests in the first place!

Easter eggs found so far -

Wall sign: Traitor Be Damned
Madness guy floating outside the window
'Made Somewhere in Nevada' Stamped on wing of Mandalorian fighter
Scene of mandalorian taking cigarette.
Improbability Option on elavator.
Depredation station.

And finally...

Na'hk is an anagram for Hank!

There's still more, guys!

M.O.T.O.R Has been released, woot! Hope the hard work pays off!

Madness Day 2009 Submission Preloader Art Commission

2009-09-15 07:55:36 by DutchinLive

Wow, that title was a mouthful.

Firstly, I'm sorry to everyone who was looking forward to Zionic Eclipse 2, honesly I didn't even think anyone cared till I read my news page after like 6 months and people think I'm dead.

But this project is coming out if it kills me! And it has lots of 3D space-fighting action (especially for a madness parody).

Artwork Job Status: CLOSED

Damn, got a pretty quick response, his artwork is pretty sweet so I'm gonna give him a go.

I'm looking for someone to replace the Jebus character with the Jedi I'm using in my animation on the madness day '09 preloader. This is a once-off project and I need it quick.

What I get:
Symbols of my character rendered in an artistic way, separated so they can be animated and make the character look like he is 'breathing' while the movie loads.
No backgrounds are needed.

What you get:
My symbols of my character posing with the angle I want him drawn at.
Credit in the credits at the end of the movie, no 'preloader made by blablabla' because it looks tacky.
$20US (I'll add on any transfer/exchange rate fees so you don't recieve less than $20 in your hand at withdrawal)
You can voice/design a character in my next animation if you wish.
My eternal gratitude!

PM me if interested, the first thing I'll be looking at is your deviantart or newgrounds art page!

ZE 2 is almost in the bag, worked bloody hard on it too, hoping I pick up more interest in the series, and that people will enjoy to see an original Sci-fi story on Newgrounds, a genre which I believe is lacking (Parodies don't count). :)

Working out some kinks, putting the finishing touches on some things, and chugging away at sounds.
If it's not out by November, send the ambulance around to my place, because I'll be dead.

Zionic Eclipse Ep 1

2008-05-08 02:20:12 by DutchinLive

So I finally released the first episode of my space series, about bloody time, the score is currently sitting at 3.81, which I'm pretty happy about, I've taken on board what the reviewers have said, and am currently chugging away at the next installment, I hope it's as good as i think it will be!


2008-01-05 04:45:22 by DutchinLive

6/1/08 - Glad people generally enjoyed the Skitoon Teaser Trailer. I'm working on getting 10 Animations into the first Episode and should be finished by the middle of next month.

Tell your friends I'm bringing the funny.